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Surfboard Donors

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These are just some of our surfboard donors. We are always accepting surfboards for recycling. Before people donate their surfboard to us, we ask that they sign their name and where they’re from on the back of the board. Some have included their own personalized greeting.

Special thanks for your surfboard donations!

Special thanks for your surfboard donations!

Message on a surfboard

Message on a surfboard


  1. jessie carlisle says:

    how would i make a surfboard donation?

  2. wena says:

    very nice.. keep it up.. 🙂

  3. Bernie says:

    GOSH I have too many of them to donate.. were a new company called the garbage can surfboards. We collect beat up boards, fix them in a right budget or make them out of stuff, we give or trade. I’ll email you soon after i talked to my BF. 🙂

    ps what is ur email?

  4. Lars says:

    are there people willing to donate boards to kids?

  5. Jared Gurion says:

    Hey my names Jared, Im not what you call a free loader but I’d die for a surfboard becoming a surfer is my dream! Any tips or pointers? I’d greatly appreciate a donated board it’d make my world.

    • lynnbryant says:

      Hi Jared if you are in San Francisco
      We can teach you how to patch boards and you can fix one you find on Craigslist for cheap

  6. Mike says:

    I live in Hermosa Beach, but I’d like to donate some surfboards. Do you have a drop-off in Southern California? Or know of a similar organization?

  7. ahmad haikal says:


    I’m haikal.i come from aceh,indonesia.
    My dream is could be a pro surf.but,i don’t have surfboard to make my dream come true.
    I’m usually see the tourist to surf in the beach.

    Would you like to donate your surfboard to will be pleasure to me.

    Thank you.

    • lynnbryant says:

      Hi Haikal, we don’t make donations to individuals but if you are interested in starting a program there in your community we can continue the conversation.

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