Support Our Community

Sabon Lokal

Mindanao-based artisan making soaps and balms and magical things. Sourced raw materials locally supporting small retail shops and farmers.

Salubrious Garden

Mindanao-based cacao farm, Salubrious Garden, ships their delicious sustainably grown cacao nibs and tablea chocolate worldwide.

Jing’s Place Homestay Siargao

Budget native-style accommodations on booming Siargao Island. Surf lessons are available by friendly knowledgeable locals. Jing’s family was born and raised in Siargao and the first to help Balikbayod’s Returning Wave program arrive in the Philippines in 2008.

Happy BattLE Surf Co.

Happy Battle Surf shop in San Diego, California offers a discount on any surfboards for sale when you donate your old board for Returning Wave. Surf shop owner, Mark, has been a tremendous supporter of our crew and organization over the years.

Orlando Lacro

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (currently living in New York), Orlando Lacro’s art and writing is an ever-evolving investigation of understanding his narrative of the Filipino-American experience while coping with the experience of his own degrading mental and physical health. 

Wang Click

Wang is a Mindanao-based surf coach, DJ, event producer, and outdoor lifestyle promoter leading the local youth to the best of their abilities.

THe Wahine Project

Learn how to surf in the Monterey Bay area, California. The Wahine Project has been a major supporter of Returning Wave since our inception, helping us to propel Wahine initiatives in the Philippines.

Brown Girl Surf

Wahines! Learn how to surf in the San Francisco Bay Area or give back to our community by volunteering with them. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or just starting to dip your toes in the water, there is a role for you.