Burgos Balik-Bayod Program

“This year school closing is the best time for the program. All of the members in elementary and high school finished their studies and went to much higher grade. Most of our grade 6 members in elementary finished and proceeded to high school. The best thing about it is no one was left behind. We are also proud of our groms to finish the year with medals and honors. It’s the same with our high school members. All of our senior members graduated high school and proceeded to college and others proceeded in higher year.

I’m so proud of all the members to excel in their different years in school. It just shows that now they know the importance of education, and being in school is not boring as they thought before. We all thank you for donating all the boards and creating Balik-bayod here in Burgos. It makes all the kids inspired in their studies and living the life with the sport they really enjoy — Surfing — Surfing is not just a sport. For most of the kids it’s more than a sport — meeting new friends, being close to nature, learning new stuff and enjoying life to the fullest! But the best thing about it is the kids forget how hard their life is. And we are also happy to have new members! This school start, many of the students want to be a part of the program. We have kids now joining from outside Burgos that want to learn surfing! WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS… WITHOUT THE MEMBERS OF BALIK-BAYOD THIS THING WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES.”

Cynthia (Burgos, Surf Program Coordinator)



Translated from original letters:

Keint John Bosito

Before I am a bad kid. But when I joined the program I changed. And we are all happy. And now going to school is really great than before. Because we know we can surf after school. And the weekends.”

– Keint John Bosito

“When I heard that Balik-bayod program was in Burgos, I asked Cynthia if I can join. And she said yes. I like it because they are kind, and they let us use the surfboards. And encourage us to go to school and do good in it. Before, I always cut classes, never liked to go to school and I love to hang out with my friends than go to school. Since I joined Balik-bayod everything changed. Now I always go to school, never cut classes and I do my homework. Because if I don’t go to school they won’t let me use the surfboard, and I cannot surf. Thank you Balik-bayod.”

– Marso Mangco


When Balik-bayod came my hobby changed. Now I like surfing. And going to school is better. Now I focus on my study better.”

– Reymund Jay Pomoy

When Balik-bayod came to Burgos, school and surfing is more fun. I’m so happy that I can surf with my friends now in my favorite spot INNERTUBE.”

– Junrell Osarez

When Balik-bayod was not part of my life, I didn’t like to go to school. I cut classes. I like playing computer games and always make fun of girls just to start a fight… I thought I would never change. But! When I joined Balik-bayod program, it changed everything. I go to school, never cut classes and never fight with girls anymore. And I follow all the rules and regulation of the program. Now I love to go to school.”

– Jemwell P. Galagar , 2nd year high school

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