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1st Balikbayod trip from California to Siargao

General Luna, Siargao Island

Our first trip to meet the kids from September 19th-29th, 2008. We travelled from San Francisco, California with 9 donated surfboards. There were 4 of us on the trip: Victoria, (myself) Lynn, Tracy, and my cousin Boyet from Cebu City. We met the kids in the Balikbayod group for the first time in person, conducted a first meeting and established some ground rules for being a member of the program. There are 13 surfboards that are being shared by 40 youth ranging from the age of 7 to 21 years old. The group elected two older youth officers, 1 boy and 1 girl, to help enforce the newly established rules. The number one rule is to be enrolled in school or an Alternative Learning System (ALS) taught by Mam Pitang Cotecson. Balikbayod is a surfboard sharing program for youth promoting education first. We had fun surfing with the kids everyday at their favorite breaks. Here is a group photo taken on the day before we left, not all the surfboards and youth are pictured but it was the best we could round up during the week of fiesta! On the far left is Victoria Fabella and far right is Lynn Bryant.

Balikbayod Group Picture 2008

Balikbayod Group Picture 2008

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