Tiki Collectible Surfboard Now on View at WISE Surf Shop in SF

Thank you WISE Surf Shop in San Francisco for hosting our next destination of the Tiki Surfboard tour, on view here until the end of July, 2012. You can start bidding through the link below:


Proceeds of the sale go towards the stipends of our surf program coordinators for Balikbayod’s youth after school surf programs in the Philippines.

Jinan Wong, animator of “Acapulco Gold”, 1970, can be found on YouTube
“5 Summer Stories” McGillivary Freeman Films; animated short film; “End Of The World” (director, animator)
“A Sea For Yourself” Hal Jepsen Films: animated short film “Karma” (director, animator)
“Natural Art” Fred Windisch: animated short film “Eternal Sea” (animator)
“Riding Giants” has animated short film in it “Karma”.
“Laird Hamilton” Master Class Series, Oprah; “Eternal Sea”.

Dave Veal, who learned glassing from Doug Haut and went on to shape for Johnny Rice, is the shaper and glasser of this beautiful longboard.

Please share this link, email it, tweet it, and talk about it to all of your surfing friends. It’s a beautiful board, and we’d love it to find a nice home.


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