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Make a Donation Today

Our program is 100% supported by your donations. Consider making a donation today to help cover shipping and program maintenance costs.


We accept surfboard donations, skimboards, bodyboards,  tri-fin FCS style fins and surfboard leashes year-round. Go-Pro waterproof cameras, wetsuits (for our San Francisco volunteers)

Click the Donate Now button below to make a donation.

For check donations in the USA, write a check and mail to:

San Francisco Filipino Cultural Center*
(*write Balikbayod in the memo area of your check)
1048 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-4024

For surfboard and leash donations in northern California:
San Francisco bay area (& north or south) for pick-up.

San Diego area please call Mark Polintan at 858-333-7596
You can get a discount of $50 off a brand new surfboard at Lokal Surfboards

Examples of how your donation will go to use:

$10 = 4oz tube of suncure, can ding repair 5-10 surfboards
$50 = can buy Suncure to fix dings on 25 surfboards
$35 = ships 1 surfboard overseas to Philippines
$50 = 8 leashes for 8 donated surfboards (donated boards often come without leashes)
$50 = repairs 2 badly damaged surfboards (ie. broken in half)
$50 = 4 fin sets for 4 surfboards (donated boards often come without fins)
$50 = 1 month stipend for part-time surf coordinator to run board borrowing program
$50 = food for children’s seasonal parties (feeds 45 kids)
$50 = wax for 50 surfboards for 2 months


  1. Annika says:

    Hey there,
    We’re flying to Mexico from LAX tomorrow morning. We have 3 boards we’d love to donate. Do you have any connections between Malibu and LAX where we could drop the boards off today?


  2. Brian Scoda says:

    Hey guys I’m on the east cost with a good quiver of surfboards there is one or two boards I wanted to donate to spread the joy and help during hard times like it did for me. I would like to know more about what I can do with helping out with these surfboards. Please let me know what I can do to help.

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