Join Us for Part II of our Surfboard Repair Party! – July 31st

Saturday, July 31st
12 noon to 7pm @ The Box Shop in San Francisco

Come help patch up our community-donated surfboards! We still have a lot of repairing to do, so bring snacks, friends, and any of the supplies below to the Box Shop.

1. Fiberglass cloth – double amount we had last weekend
2. Laminating resin or 2 more of those black plastic repair kits
3. Stirring cups, stirring sticks, latex surgical gloves
4. Sand paper – medium rough and some super coarse kind for major sanding
5. Regular masking tape
6. Finishing resin to put a finishing coat over the repairs
7. Small, medium, wide brushes; 3 each (get the cheap kind)
8. Sharp exacto knife for cutting semi-wet resin; sharp scissors to cut fiberglass sheets
9. Squeegies to wipe resin off of fiberglass (wax milk cartons cut into half is good for resin containers and also folded up for squeegies; get at least 4 used milk cartoons or anything with wax coating
10. Paper towels, rags.
11. Small color oil paints that we can mix into the resin to match the surfboard colors of a repair patch

Please RSVP to so we can get a rough head count.

Directions to the Box Shop in San Francisco

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