Surfboard Fin Donations

While surfing one Saturday morning, we received a longboard fin donation from fellow surfer, Jimmy Holtz. Thank you so much, Jimmy! We were so stoked that we took photos with it 🙂

We also received a fin donation from Shawn Rhodes, owner of Nor Cal Surf Shop. Thanks for hooking us up with a surfboard with setup!

Fins are on our wish list. We have 30 surfboards that need FCS fins. These boards have been donated by surfers all over California and fully repaired by Balikbayod volunteers.

If you have a fin donation that you would like to make, please email Lynn Bryant at

It is your volunteer time, donations, the art and surf communities that have propelled this project this far forward. Let’s keep the momentum going!

3 thoughts on “Surfboard Fin Donations

    1. Hi. This looks very interesting. It looks like it can propel you up into the sky!

      Thanks for sharing with us!

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