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Program Update! What the kids are up to

We have just recieved a program update from one of the school teachers, Mam Pitang, on Siargao Island. Four of the Balikbayod participants passed the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency test that they are now promoted to the secondary level or high school! Congratulations! The ALS, which stands for the Alternative Learning System, is a re-enrollment program that children can attend if they have dropped out of school. Not only have these children gone back to school and succeeded in passing their exams, according to Mam Pitang, they have also developed greater respect and self confidence from learning to share and work with their fellow peers in Balikbayod.

Girl Power! Congratulations to our pack of shaka sistahs that are continuing strong in the formal school! We hope to recieve more information on their progress!

We also have some youths who have completed their elementary level education, but are ashamed to continue because they’re a bit older in age. Any folks out there want to send them words of encouragement to keep it up? Email us a message or photo and we’ll be sure that it gets to them!

Balikbayod may also be bringing some school supplies to Siargao to supplement our educational program. If you would like to donate some unused notebooks, pencils, lined paper, etc. get a hold of us! We’ll crate it with our surfboard shipment or include it in our Balikbayan boxes!

We hope to get some photos of our Balikbayod participants on Siargao, so stay tuned!

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  1. roji oyama says:

    congratulations to da’ kids….I hope you finally got the boards sent over there!

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