RAFFLE: Win A Surfboard!

Make an online donation of $10 or more from September 12, 2011 to October 14, 2011 to win a surfboard! For each $10 donation, you receive 1 raffle entry ($30 = 3 tix, etc.)

Winner will be announced October 15th, 2011 at the Kelly’s Cove Reunion in San Francisco. Need not be present to win. For San Francisco, CA pick-up only, shipping not included.

About the surfboard: it is a 6’3″ bump, diamond tail made for small waves and can handle overhead waves, it’s a single fin so it will feel different from a thruster. Everything on the board is recycled except the glass job. It was shaped from an old, beat-up gun that would cost a fortune to repair, and the fin is from an old beat-up surfboard. Orlando Lacro, a San francisco local, is donating this board to Balikbayod in order to raise money for shipping donated surfboards for the Balikbayod program. He claims he is by no means an expert shaper; it’s just a hobby [of mine and I have a lot, lot, lot to learn], but if there is a way to help Balikbayod and Mother Nature somehow, then this is my meager attempt until the whole industry finds a way to make boards easier on the environment. All we can do right now is recycle the materials…

Good luck!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU, ORLANDO! Here are pics of the board below:



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