Volunteer for Balikbayod

Balikbayod-Returning Wave is looking for some volunteers to help us out, either on a regular basis or on projects.


Web Designer / Drupal Person – We are looking for someone to help us get our website blog onto Drupal. We are looking for someone who has experience working on blogging platforms, can build the main links on Drupal, and would like to try playing around on Drupal.

Video Editor – We have tons of footage that we need edited. If  you would like to help us cut and edit a teaser, mini documentary, we would love to work with you!

Event Organizer – Not only do you get to organize delicious food and hang cool art, but you can also goof around with the Balikbayod crew.

What you get for volunteering:

We surf almost every weekend. If you want to learn to surf, we teach surfing for exchange of volunteer hours. Jinan has several different sizes of wetsuits that you use, and we also have beginner boards.  Contact us for more information!

Email lynnbryant@ gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering. We love to meet new people!



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