Sloated: A Women’s Surf Showcase

Returning Wave presents: ░S░L░O░A░T░E░D░ 


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9AM (Beach Clean Up & Check-in)10AM-3PM

Sloated is a one-of-a-kind event in San Francisco, showcasing local female surfers, their skills and ability on the dynamic waves of Ocean Beach, San Francisco. It is well known that Ocean Beach can be cold and fickle, but on some days, sunny and perfect. Come share your passion of catching waves in the City’s backyard and hope to get Sloated! Created for women by women, the event aims to celebrate community and diversity in and out of the water. Women surf together in heats and can ride on their equipment of choice.

  • No prior competition experience necessary. All levels welcome.
  • Open to women 18 years and older.
  • Teams consist of 4 women. *,**
  • Mixed surf equipment allowed in heats (Shortboards, longboards, bodyboards, SUP, handplanes, bodysurfing, inflatables, skimboards).

*Come unattached! Freestanding surfers will be formed into teams the day of the event. Sign up for an individual registration fee.
**Each team is encouraged to have a local business or organization sponsor them, but not required.

Check-In in person by 9:30am to sign liability waiver in order to surf in the event. 
Tickets are non-refundable in the event of unexpected/unsafe weather or surf conditions.


Team, monetary and in-kind sponsorships are being accepted through one week before the contest, 9/21.  please email us at if you are interested in a sponsorship.



  1. Each team surfs in twenty minute heats. Each teammate catches as many waves as possible in the marked competition area during heat. A single horn blast signifies the start and end of the heat.  A double horn blast is 5 minute warning towards the end of your heat, at which point the following heat may paddle out around the outsides but not into the competition area, wait for your heat to begin to start surfing. (No waves caught before the start of your heat or after will be scored.) Paddle in when your heat is over.
  2. Heats will be peer-reviewed using a participant judging system. One woman from each team will rotate into the panel of 4 judges throughout the event.  Each team should be prepared to have a judge selected when the team is called to the judging platform.
  3. Each team will be scored on longest rides, most waves ridden, tube rides, biggest waves, funniest wipeout, most inventive costumes
  4. Right-of-way & safety: If two surfers stand ride at the same time the person in front of and closest to the peak has possession of the wave, the person farthest from the peak must exit the wave. Riders are allowed to split the wave with one rider going left and the other going right.
  5. This is a lightly-scaled competition that focuses on having fun.  All women are expected to promote positive attitudes throughout the event. Arguing with a judge’s decision, using profanity, fighting, name calling or become overly aggressive will get you disqualified.  Help your fellow surfers to have a great time surfing with you.
  6. Rules are subject to slight changes prior to the event. If this is the case, you will receive a copy of the new rules prior to the event.




All profits from the event will benefit the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Samar, Philippines and will directly fund the building of a ‘Wahine House’ in Calicoan, Samar. This will be a small surf center hangout spot for the female youth who expressed to us the need for a private area in which girls can shower and change after surfing. More info on the project here.

Sloated is presented by Returning Wave, a non-profit volunteer-based organization that promotes education through the love of surfing. Returning Wave works with several local NGOs in the Philippines to get relief aid to coastal areas devastated by 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan.  Click here for more info on Returning Wave.

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